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Q. How would you describe your music?
A. "I like to describe my music as "Funktional-Pop" (laughs). I make music that has, in my mind, a "pop" sensibility to it when it comes to sounds and approach, but with a sense of groove and feel found in the best of "Old School" funk and soul."

Q. Since you play most of your instruments, what is your favorite? … And why?
A. "BASS, definitely! The sheer power and depth that you can get from the bass is incomparable. The tones and rhythms capable on the bass are endless. A lot of people don't realize the power inherent in it's flexibility… The bass can make or break a song just by a stylistic change or what have you; yet this is not always apparent because the sound doesn't "jump" out at you necessarily… Bass can be compared to the solid foundation of a well-built house! (Laughs) I find this fascinating."

Q. What is the major difference being "in front" of the glass as opposed to "behind" it?
A. "Basically, you're the one creating and playing the music being recorded when "in front" of the glass; as opposed to the one just getting the sounds and recording the music when "behind" the glass. Although, I believe that there is just as much room to express yourself artistically as an engineer..."

Q. What are your goals for your music career?
A. "To create music that fulfills my desires as an Artist, and to share my musical visions with people that find meaning in what I am doing… They don't necessarily have to see exactly where I'm coming from though. There can't be a better feeling than to make music that, although created from a personal perspective, can be enjoyed by everyone for different reasons. People adding their own interpretation to the meaning of my songs are welcomed. Universality is a good thing!"

Q. Who are your musical influences, and why?
A. "I am influenced by anything and everything (good and bad). I have a love for music in general and because of this I try to fuse all forms of musical expression in a way that can only be truly described as MY music… Al Lay's music. Whether or not someone agrees with me is up to that person to decide."

Q. How would you describe your "Live" Performance?
A. "I would describe it as a "capturing" of the essence of the recordings, and the "translating" of this essence through the most intimate form of musical expression: the live performance."

Q. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be, and why?
A. "Paul McCartney. I hold him in the highest regard, because he has written songs that have inspired many in the world, including myself. What he has accomplished in his life is to be respected and honored. He has "walked the walk" that I so desire to "walk" myself."

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years?
A. "Being successful at what I love to do, and continuing to do it. I want to live life to it's fullest, somewhere between "hard-work" and "hard-play". What more can I say?"



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