JUNE 2003

Al's DVD EPK is finally complete and ready for release.  The DVD includes a Live Video of "Perfect World" filmed at Club Lingerie in Hollywood, CA; a Concept Video of "Perfect World" shot in downtown Hermosa Beach by Trevor Mackay; a Bio; Discography; the entire "Life" Album; an exclusive Photo Album and much much more! You can pick up your own copy right here today for $15 by going to Al's Music Store Page

MAY 2003

Al spent most of May working on new tracks for his next album.  He has completed work on two songs entitled "I Can't Sleep" and "Listening To Her Cry".  You can check out both of these songs on his Audio & Video Page right here. 

APRIL 2003

Al shot a full-length video for his song "Perfect World" in downtown Hermosa Beach.  The video was directed by Trevor Mackay and will be included on a soon-to-be-released DVD EPK.

MARCH 2003

Contests, Contests, Contests... Al Lay is a Finalist again! We are particularly excited about this one.  Al recorded remakes for two of his favorite songs and added a bit of his own style to them. We then found out about the Goodnight Kiss "Remaking The Hit" Contest.  After being entered, Al received an Honorable Mention for his remake of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" and became a Finalist for his version of George Harrison's "Here Comes The Sun".  The winner will be announced later this month.  Congrats again Al !


Out of more than 900 entrants, Al Lay was honored by being voted the DIY SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR for his album "Life" by the DIY Music Festival.  For this accomplishment, Al received several prizes and played an acoustic set at the DIY Music Festival Convention in Los Angeles, February 6th 2003.


Al Lay's album "Life" was once again featured as the Critics' Pick of the month.

Al began playing guitar and singing back-up vocals with THE LOST AND FOUND. The band is fronted by his sister and fellow bandmate Aimee Lay.  Other members of the The Lost and Found are Erik Herrera on drums/vocals and Lisa Dyer on bass guitar.


Al and his sister, fellow bandmate Aimee Lay, appeared in a write up for the Calendar Section of the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, December 5th, 2002.  The article made mention of the music they make together and their own individual projects.  The article was appropriately titled "All In The Musical Family" and was written by Steve Baltin and Kevin Bronson.  Check out the article on Al's Press Releases Page

Al Lay finally joined forces with CD Baby!  You can find his album "Life"  available now for only $10 in their online music store by linking to

Al is set to play another Acoustic Set for the "Circle Of Songs" Songwriting Showcase at Dorscia (formerly Moomba) in West Hollywood on Tuesday December 17th.  Admission is FREE.

Al Lay's "Life" CD still holding the #2 position as the Most Downloaded Artist on  Al's CD is also being featured in their online music store.


Al participated in another showcase for the "Circle Of Songs" and their "LA Live" series.  This time Al was accompanied by his band Frontal Assault at Club Lingerie in Hollywood, CA.


Al Lay's "Life" CD remains strong in the #2 Most Downloaded Artist position on

After being featured on the Cheap Jag Records Radio Sampler, Al Lay's track "One By One" hits National College Radio.


Various tracks from Al Lay's album "Life" landed him the #2 Most Downloaded Artist spot on! Go Al!!!

Al played an acoustic set for the USA Songwriting Competition "Circle Of Songs" showcase at Moomba in West Hollywood.  You can check out some of the pictures from that show on Al's Photo Gallery page.

Al Lay's "Life" CD is being featured in the Music Store and was selected as their Critics' Pick... Again! Thanks Starpolish!


Al Lay showcased Live with a full band at High On Rose in Lexington, Kentucky for the Midwest Music Conference & Film Festival.  He played to a packed house!

Al Lay was chosen as the August "Featured Artist" at  Al's song "One By One" is currently in the running to be included in the Specialty Song Library.  Check out the site to find out more about their services.

Al Lay's track "Someday" was featured on the 2002 Midwest Music Conference Compilation Disc. 

Al Lay was interviewed LIVE on
XM Satellite Radio regarding his involvement with the 2002 MMCFF.  (XM Satellite Radio has over 150,000 subscribers!)

JULY 2002

Al Lay was one of 25 Starpolish Artists chosen to head off Starpolish Indie Hour at is an Internet Radio Station and Starpolish now has a weekly radio show taking place every Wednesday 2pm - 3pm EST.  Try to catch Al's song "One By One" spinning regularly... Tune in to a PC near you to show your support!

JUNE 2002

Al Lay was chosen to Showcase his talents at the Midwest Music Conference & Independent Film Festival in Lexington, KY on August 21-24. The four day event will showcase bands from all over the USA in front of the top Music Industry Executives.  Al was also offered a spot on the MMCFF 2002 Compilation Disc, in which you will be able to hear his track "Someday".

Al Lay ranked as the #5 Most Downloaded Artist on!... And was also featured in the Starpolish Store as the Critics' Pick for his album "Life".

MAY 2002

Al Lay’s first show as a solo artist in support of his album release, “Life” at the Blue Saloon in North Hollywood, CA.

Release of the SBS Records Indie Music Sampler Volume 5, featuring Al Lay’s track “Perfect World”, distributed to over 15,000 people worldwide.   

MARCH 2002                       

Al Lay caught the eye of CHEAP JAG RECORDS, out of Boston, Mass and entered into a non-exclusive deal for National College Radio Promotion and East Coast Showcasing and Development. 

JANUARY 2002                    

Release of AL LAY’s solo album “Life”.

Al Lay won the Unsigned War in the Contemporary Pop Category for his track “Perfect World”… Which marked the beginning of a collaboration and non-exclusive Agreement with Undaground Productions and the Unsigned War.

DECEMBER 2001                

Al Lay featured as the “Best Indie Artist And Emerging Band” in Lip Service Magazine, a national musictrade distributed to over 8,000 Industry Executives semi-annually.

Completion of Al Lay’s solo album “Life”.

 OCTOBER 2001                    

Launch of WWW.AL-LAY.COM


Al Lay placed in the top 8 entrants in the Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards “Best Unsigned Artist” Contest for his track “One By One”, out of over 4,000 bands competing… Voted on entirely by the fans! 

MARCH 2001                       

Signed exclusive deal with Milestone Artist Management.



















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